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Manage your business based on leading indicators

Measurable performance at the click of a button? There you go!

More customer contacts, more deals, more customer satisfaction, more turnover – everything is measurable and transparent.

Most businesses focus on revenue and number of deals closed by period. These are lagging indicators which are indicating results of past actions. Having a look at leading indicators such as conversion ratios by stage or relationship, benchmarking of team members, deal velocities will enable you to predict an accurate forecast or help you understand if a newly hired sales rep is likely to hit his quota. Leading indicator management is the best way to save money and generate predictable growth.


Many sales managers and CFOs would agree that accurate forecasting is one of hardest things to do. SELLSATION enables you to generate forecasts based on different probability calculations such as by actual conversion ratios by stage and seller, pre-set conversion ratios by sales stage or by generating a configurable qualitative assessment for each deal.

CFOs also have the problem that sales forecasting is not always the same as cash flow forecasting. Rest assured that with SELLSATION, we’ve got you covered.

Closing Rates

Calculating closing rates by seller, stage, customer segments and product lines is essential for forecasting, product development and team training purposes. Set these parameters in SELLSATION and have these KPIs ready for your strategy sessions.

Customer Satisfaction

SELLSATION takes a holistic view of your business. Most CRMs focus on new business only, but it is 10 times more expensive to win a new customer than keep an existing one. Customer retention is the secret to success. SELLSATION developed a module to measure customer satisfaction through surveys that can be triggered by one-off actions or dynamically as part of your sales process.

Hit Rates

Calculating and reporting on the number of activities, actions or records created and accomplished by users enables a manager to properly manage the team based on leading indicators. Now benchmarking these results against your top sales rep will provide insights on where new or existing reps fall short and where they need to spend more or even less time on. When ramping up new sales talent, this is the only measurable way to predict future success.