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Enthusiastic Customers

Dissatisfied customers cannot be avoided? Now they can!

SELLSATION takes a holistic view of your business. Most CRMs focus on new business only but it is 10 times more expensive to win a new customer than keep an existing one.

Customer retention is the secret to success. SELLSATION developed a module to measure customer satisfaction through surveys that can be triggered by one-off actions or dynamically as part of your sales process.

You can create customer satisfaction surveys fast and easy.

Freely define the questionnaire and the start time or the stage within your sales process when it should be triggered.

The survey can be automated by e-mail or performed through a structured telephone campaign.

You can create as many surveys as needed in your process regardless of stage, products, categories and more.

Even the analysis of each survey is fully automated.

Our analytics with provide you with results and benchmarks on customer, company or team level.

Surveys per E-mail, Telephone or In-person.

The e-mail surveys can be performed with your corporate design (Image: Example of a survey for GRIFFNERHAUS, which manages all of its sales and marketing processes with SELLSATION).