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What does my best sales rep do differently than the rest of my team?

What is the difference between a good and bad sales rep? The drive to learn from the best!

Benchmarking and best practice examples make potential areas of success visible to everyone.

We heard that question a lot from our clients so we answered it by providing them with key indicators such as hit-rate, closing rate, volume, profit margin or customer satisfaction of their best rep and how these KPIs compare to the rest of the team. Benchmarks and rankings are created automatically and are transparent to everyone which users can utilize to manage themselves on a daily basis.

SELLSATION even goes one step further: Within the SELLSATION knowledge portal, users can share their best practices and know-how.


With the help of automated benchmarks and rankings you can immediately see the strengths and weaknesses of your team and who has not performed to their full potential.

Here you can see the comparisons pertaining to hit rates, which clearly show how many opportunities have been generated.

You decide if the rankings are visible for everyone or just the management team.