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Time is Money

Give your sales team more time to sell and eliminate unnecessary administrative tasks.

SELLSATION makes data entry easy.

Ask salespeople what their number one reason is why they don’t sell more, and you will learn that they don’t have enough time to sell. Salespeople spend more time on administration than speaking to their clients. The goal to increase efficiency should be one of the top reasons why your organization needs SELLSATION. We make data entry easy and ask salespeople for input when its needed as part of automated questions along the sales process. Salespeople can synchronize their calendars and emails with SELLSATION and the systems keeps them on track with their tasks and to-dos.

Further, SELLSATION provides the management with all the insights they need from daily activity tracking to their leading indicators and sales reports so that they don’t have to ask the sales reps for their numbers every day.

Activity Log

Daily and weekly reports are created automatically for each team member. SELLSATION automatically logs all activities that were created for each customer and opportunity.