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Sales and Marketing Automation

Businesses seem to struggle to align their sales and marketing teams. Often it is an organizational issue. Sales and marketing should be aligned as one team with one mutual vision in mind.

Through automated processes, SELLSATION lets you create multi-level business workflows, multi-level campaigns and success-critical activities in order to achieve high closing rates. Allow your employees to focus on the really important tasks by automating workflows and routine jobs!


SELLSATION automates and simplifies complex and less complex processes and multi-level campaigns.
SELLSATION allows you to combine activities (Campaigns, Tasks, Surveys, conditional movements in stages, sales processes or users) in a few simple steps in order to create perfect multi-level sales processes and to ensure high closing rates.

SELLSATION gives you the possibility to create simple and uncomplicated multi-level campaigns, which can be fully automated. Each of these can be tracked and linked to follow-up actions.
You can deepen your contact to potential customers by regularly informing them bout new features with graphically designed e-mails or letters. Further, you can ensure that new customers automatically receive an e-mail with information connected to their desired products. Depending on whether e-mail campaigns or links were opened, follow-up actions can be defined; follow-up campaigns, automated tasks to SELLSATION users (e.g. contact), automated stage shifts to the next stage of the sales pipeline, automated surveys, etc.

SELLSATION ensures success-critical activities and actions.
Automated tasks which can be triggered at defined times – for example, during a stage change in the sales process, can ensure success-critical activities such as the follow-up on quotations or the compliance of defined guidelines. In multi-level sales processes, several employees are often involved. For example, if offers or orders of a certain size have to be approved by the supervisor, the accounting department or the engineering department – with SELLSATION, defined rules and procedures are ensured, transparent and automated.