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Ideas can shape the world, let ideas shape your business

Never loose sight of your daily business and use the know-how of your employees to increase profit? No problem!

With SELLSATION your employees have a overview of all relevant information and can fully interact with each other.

At SELLSATION our number one corporate value is “People first”. Even as a technology company we understand that people build, sell and purchase our products and we need to invest in all people we work with. Interestingly enough despite all the investments companies make in their staff, companies fall short on accepting investment back from their team in form of ideas and insights. For that reason, we created a specific knowledge center and embedded it into SELLSATION which lets users share ideas with selected individuals or the entire organization and collaborate on ideas or findings.

Communication Portal

Current information, best practice examples and suggestions for improvements can be posted, evaluated and commented on. As a result, continual improvement processes are constantly initiated!