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SELLSATION - The Sales Automation CRM

increase sales in just a few weeks!

Sales Process for the Win!

Success in sales has to be developed slowly? Absolutely not!

Sales Automation

SELLSATION automates your sales processes and makes you more successful in sales!
Extremely simple and in a few steps!

Measureable Sales Performance

Measurable performance at the click of a button? There you go!

360° Customer View

All Informations at a Glance!


Create corporate structures and company locations.

Buying Center

Perfect overview of all people who make a purchase decision and their roles!

Mobile App

Always on the move and constantly stressed out?
We have developed the SELLSATION Mobile App exactly for people like you!

Enthusiastic Customers

Dissatisfied customers cannot be avoided?
Now they can!

Marketing Campaigns and Newsletters

How to create perfect email campaigns just in a few minutes.

Transparent Sales Activities

Time is money? Correct! Give your sales team more time to sell and eliminate unnecessary administrative tasks.


What is the difference between a good and bad sales rep?
The drive to learn from the best!


SELLSATION’s number one corporate value is "People first"