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In just a few weeks, you will be able to achieve measurably more sales and inspired customers without increasing your costs.
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Success in sales has to be developed slowly? Absolutely not!

In less than one hour you can develop state of the art sales processes and increase you full sales potential.

With the help of SELLSATION you can simply design your sales processes which will be permanently deployed by your sales team. The SELLSATION cockpit helps navigate your team through the ideal sales process and will ultimately lead to more closed deals.

All users can see which actions are ideal for specific customers in order to move opportunities to the next stage of the process. Wasted opportunities and customers that have not been managed properly are visually identified immediately. SELLSATION allows you to easily create multiple sales pipelines for different products or customer segments, for example.

By creating a powerful sales process, sales people are able to manage their customers more effectively, be able to deal with them efficiently and, as a result, close more deals. At the end, you will see your business grow through satisfied customers. Try it yourself!

Effective Sales Pipelines

How are sales pipelines portrayed in SELLSATION? No matter if your focus is on opportunities or turnover, you will get a constant and detailed overview of your main focus points for each stage. As a result, this enables you to permanently analyze your pipelines.

Strengths or weaknesses are identified immediately: Which opportunities have the highest potential in terms of volume or margin? In which stage of the process are they located? What actions need to be taken in order to get the highest possible chance of closing the deal? Are there customers or opportunities that have been neglected for too long and what actions need to be taken next? Are offers consistently followed up on?

Perfect Overview

You will get a perfect overview of your entire sales pipelines and processes. You can see critical information such as turnover, weighted potential, duration or the amount of time an opportunity is stuck in a certain stage immediately within the overview. From there you can also enter opportunities and see all of the details involved. When you select a specific stage, you will see all corresponding opportunities and customers. Through a simple click, opportunities can be moved from one stage to another.

Fully Customizable

Create sales pipelines to your specific needs. You can make these more effective by integrating user-defined processes for each stage, each of which can be automated and changed or improved at any time. SELLSATION lets you choose from different layouts and adapt the system to your own corporate design.

Detailed Customer and Opportunity View

Within the detailed customer and opportunity view, you can see all related activities (e-mails, appointments, tasks, calls, customer feedback for surveys, etc.) in a timeline that can easily be filtered for your specific needs. In a few simple steps you can design the detailed view for customers and opportunities that best fits the needs of your company: Choose which information and fields should be shown in SELLSATION. Easily create company and industry related user-defined fields. Through the SELLSATION API, you can quickly establish a connection to other systems, such as your internal ERP, in order to synchronize information bi-directionally.

The Performance Cockpit

Very useful: The performance cockpit shows the most important figures related to your performance so that the sales team always knows if they are on course to meet target. In order to get in-depth information, simply click on Performance Analysis. The latest company information can be found within the newsfeed section.


Measurable performance at the click of a button? There you go!

More customer contacts, more deals, more customer satisfaction, more turnover – everything is measurable and transparent. A 10% increase in terms of hit-rate, closing rate or recommendations will result in a 25% increase in turnover and double your profit. *

With SELLSATION you are able to measure and improve your key performance figures:

  • Hit-rate (effective customer contacts),
  • Closing rates,
  • Customer satisfaction analysis and
  • Forecasts

Numerous other figures are analyzed immediately and increased systematically.

Within a few weeks you will have measurable results and more satisfied customers, without having to increase the costs for sales.

Great for the marketing budget: Through the automatic forecast calculation within SELLSATION you can now see earlier if certain marketing campaigns, actions or activities have been successful or not and to analyze these for the future. You will know exactly how many potential customers, the size of the orders and what margins are the direct result of your marketing campaigns at the click of a button.

Forecasts in real-time

With SELLSATION, you will always know your expected turnover and profit margin. This allows you to take the right measures months or even years before drastic changes in turnover occur. One-time as well as recurring revenues or partial invoices can be easily portrayed.

SELLSATION automatically generates forecasts by volume as well as profit margin and calculates these according to team or company values and goals. The forecasts are clearly presented and compared to turnover values and planned figures. One-time as well as recurring revenues or partial invoices can be easily portrayed. Recurring revenues can be entered with defined times or intervals, e.g. monthly or yearly revenue, as often as you like and in a few simple steps - this allows you to predict forecasts and liquidity in advance.

Closing Rates

Within the SELLSATION process analysis functionality you have a perfect overview in terms of closing rates, the number, the volume and margins of all open, won and lost opportunities – you will find the figures separated according to teams, users, address source and product category.

The closing rate is essential in terms of measuring the efficiency of your sales team. It shows how many of your potential deals have been closed.

Customer Satisfaction

SELLSATION allows you to conduct precise and fully automated customer satisfaction surveys. These can be set-up and triggered very quick and easily. The surveys can be conducted automatically per e-mail questionnaire or structured through a telephone campaign.

This allows you to make sure that customers are always led on the right path during the entire sales process, which, in turn, will dramatically increase your closing rates.

Hit Rates and critical Sales Activities

SELLSATION measures and benchmarks hit rates and other activities in sales that are critical when it comes to meeting targets and quotas.

The conversion rate (Image) shows potential drop-off points within the sales process. Other hit rates and activities can be measured or analyzed as well. In that way you can, for example, compare average daily hit rates or appointments made per team or user.


Assumption 1: 10% more potential customers through systematic measurements, benchmarking and increase of hit-rates.

Assumption 2: 40% of the customers come through recommendations. An increase of the recommendation rate by 10% through continual customer satisfaction measurements with the focus on potential improvements will increase the number of potential new customers by another 4%.

Assumption 3: Your current closing rate is increased through an effective sales process and a consequential follow-up from 30% to 33%.

100% potential customers prior to implementing SELLSATIONN
10% more potential customers by increasing your hit-rate
4% more potential customers by increasing your recommendations by 10%

After the implementation of SELLSATION:
114% potential customers with a closing rate of 33% = 37,62

Prior to implementing SELLSATION:
100% potential customers with a 30% closing rate = 30

37,62 divided by 30 = 25,4% more turnover
With a profit margin of 8% (Profit/Turnover) and a gross margin of 35%, your total profit will double just by increasing your own performance and without any additional investments in sales.

Current Profit Margin: 8% of turnover
Additional Profit: 25,4% more profit with a 35% gross margin = 8,9% more profit

If you apply these numbers to different industries, your profit will increase from 8% to 16,9%.


SELLSATION automates your sales processes and makes you more successful in sales! Extremely simple and in a few steps!

Through automated processes, SELLSATION lets you create multi-level business workflows, multi-level campaigns and success-critical activities in order to achieve high closing rates. Allow your employees to focus on the really important tasks by automating workflows and routine jobs!

SELLSATION automates and simplifies complex and less complex processes and multi-level campaigns.
SELLSATION allows you to combine activities (Campaigns, Tasks, Surveys, conditional movements in stages, sales processes or users) in a few simple steps in order to create perfect multi-level sales processes and to ensure high closing rates.

SELLSATION gives you the possibility to create simple and uncomplicated multi-level campaigns, which can be fully automated. Each of these can be tracked and linked to follow-up actions.
You can deepen your contact to potential customers by regularly informing them bout new features with graphically designed e-mails or letters. Further, you can ensure that new customers automatically receive an e-mail with information connected to their desired products. Depending on whether e-mail campaigns or links were opened, follow-up actions can be defined; follow-up campaigns, automated tasks to SELLSATION users (e.g. contact), automated stage shifts to the next stage of the sales pipeline, automated surveys, etc.

SELLSATION ensures success-critical activities and actions.
Automated tasks which can be triggered at defined times – for example, during a stage change in the sales process, can ensure success-critical activities such as the follow-up on quotations or the compliance of defined guidelines. In multi-level sales processes, several employees are often involved. For example, if offers or orders of a certain size have to be approved by the supervisor, the accounting department or the engineering department – with SELLSATION, defined rules and procedures are ensured, transparent and automated.


Always on the move and constantly stressed out? We have developed the SELLSATION Mobile App exactly for people like you!

The SELLSATION Mobile App for iOS and Android OS provides you with detailed information about customers, contacts, projects and activities related to them. Furthermore, the APP lets you see your key performance indicators anytime and anywhere on the fly.

Included in the SELLSATION Mobile App are the most important SELLSATION features:

  • Real-time overview of all projects and customers within all of your sales processes.
  • All customer, as well as, project information, documents and contacts at the palm of your hand.
  • Create and edit sales projects and customers including their related activities, appointments and notes.
  • Automated actions such as marketing campaigns can be directly triggered within the SELLSATION App.
  • Cockpit with key performance indicators such as hit rates, closing rates, incoming orders, forecasts and customer satisfaction.
  • Overview of all open tasks, which can be completed directly within the SELLSATION Mobile App.

Dissatisfied customers cannot be avoided? Now they can!

Automated follow-up processes for offers combined with measuring customer satisfaction will guarantee the ideal management of your accounts and increase customer recommendations.

With SELLSATION you can ensure that your accounts are perfectly managed through the continual feedback from your customers. Customer satisfaction can be continually automated and measured. The results can then be passed on to your sales team in order to take appropriate actions.

During the entire sales process you can determine if your customers are satisfied with the consultation or services they are getting and take immediate action if they are not. The results are high closing rates and more recommendations.

In addition to measuring your customer satisfaction after closing your deals and to ensure the highest possible closing rates, we recommend to perform customer satisfaction surveys during the offer stage of your process.

Customer Feedback Survey
in offer stage
Customer Satisfaction Survey
after project is won

You can create customer satisfaction surveys fast and easy.

You define the questions, answer options and the time at which these should take place (ie. entering a specific stage).

The survey can be automated by e-mail or performed through a structured telephone campaign.

You can create as many surveys as needed in your process regardless of stage, products, categories and more.

Even the analysis of each survey is fully automated.

Immediately you can get statistical results or benchmarks at customer, company or team levels.

Surveys per E-mail, Telephone or Personally

The e-mail surveys can be performed with your corporate design (Image: Example of a survey for GRIFFNERHAUS, which manages all of its sales and marketing processes with SELLSATION).


Never loose sight of your daily business and use the know-how of your employees to increase profit? No problem!

In the future, all of your employees will have a complete and structured overview of all of their relevant information and can fully interact with each other.

SELLSATION will increase the transfer of knowledge within your company tremendously:

  • Within the detailed customer overview, you will find all the relevant information concerning your customers and projects.
  • The SELLSATION communication portal allows you to share information with your entire team.
  • Best practice examples and ideas can be posted, rated and commented on. This allows you to continually improve your processes.
  • All information and files, such as sales and argumentation guidelines, are stored centrally.

Communication Portal

Current information, best practice examples and suggestions for improvements can be posted, evaluated and commented on. As a result, continual improvement processes are constantly initiated!


Time is money? Correct! Give your sales team more time to sell and eliminate unnecessary administrative tasks.

SELLSATION offers you a fully transparent system covering all sales activities. Daily and weekly reports are created automatically.

SELLSATION creates daily and weekly reports of all team members, relieving them of unnecessary administrative tasks. In turn, your sales team will get more selling time and are able to better manage their customers.

You will receive a fully transparent and real-time overview of all relevant sales activities in order to better manage your sales team.

Within the activity log you can see all activities and stage changes pertaining to your teams opportunities. Since SELLSATION lets you break down your sales process in individual stages, sales activities and stage changes become fully transparent.

Activity Log

Daily and weekly reports are created automatically for each team member. SELLSATION automatically logs all activities that were created for each customer and opportunity.


What is the difference between a good and bad sales rep? The drive to learn from the best!

The benchmarking of team results and best practice examples allows you to make potential areas of success visible to everyone.

What do your best sales reps do differently?

If you compare your team with key indicators such as hit-rate, closing rate, volume, profit margin or customer satisfaction, you will be able to immediately see your strengths and those areas where improvement is needed.

Benchmarks and rankings are created automatically and are transparent to everyone. That way the entire team knows what they need to improve on.

SELLSATION goes one step further: Within the SELLSATION portal you can share your best practice examples and know-how.


With the help of automated benchmarks and rankings you can immediately see the strengths and weaknesses of your team and who has not performed to their full potential.

Here you can see the comparisons pertaining to hit rates, which clearly show how many opportunities have been generated.

You decide if the rankings are visible for everyone or just the management team.


The best always comes at the end! In this case, it really does!

Start into a whole new era of measuring your sales success with no implementation costs.

No implementation costs: SELLSATION is preconfigured, can be adapted to your company in less than an hour and used immediately by your team – the usability is extremely simple.

Right from the start everything will run like a clockwork and you don’t have to make any changes to your software structure. SELLSATION can be used as a stand-alone system or be fully integrated into your environment, The SELLSATION API can be used to connect to other systems, which can be set up by SELLSATION.