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Sales Process for the Win!

Success in sales has to be developed slowly? Absolutely not!

In just a few days you can develop state of the art sales processes and increase your full sales potential.

It all starts with a process. No matter what type of business you have, your sales and marketing team follows a certain sequence of actions in order to close a customer and fulfill an order. SELLSATION enables you to standardize these processes throughout your organization. Standardization translates into growth!


The standardization of your processes will have a major impact on the productivity of your team and help promote best practices throughout your organization. As a result, our clients experience an immediate increase in new business.


In the Kanban Board you can see at a glance which sales projects and which volume are in the individual sales phases.

Our customers gain valuable insights on individual and team performances as well as overall revenue and growth of the organization. Revenue however is a lagging indicator. SELLSATION will help you identify the leading indicators that will help you manage your team and organization by conversation ratios, hit rates, customer segmentations and benchmarking.

Learn & Apply

Teams and business models constantly change. Our clients need a flexible and customizable system to adjust to change and apply learnings on the fly. SELLSATION is designed to enable simple and quick administration for users of all knowledge levels.