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SELLSATION’s number one corporate value is "People first"

Purchasing and implementing a CRM system can be a nerve racking process not just for the organization but specially for the decision maker.

SELLSATION’s number one corporate value is “People first” and this does not just apply to our own employees but also the customers we work with. We understand the magnitude of the purchasing decision and we believe in partnerships not client relationships. We understand that the best way to grow our business is through happy clients.

When you engage with our company you will be working with senior professionals who held previous roles such as varies C-level positions and Head of Sales and Marketing. We can see the decision-making process through your eyes and will help make your buying journey as relevant and easy as possible.

To back up this claim, SELLSATION can show a 97% client retention rate since inception which far exceeds the industry average.

Our intention is to provide you with the best possible setup but ultimately it is our goal to help you administrate SELLSATION autonomously. After all, we are a technology company and our model is to make money from software sales and not through ongoing consulting work. This will keep the lifetime costs of SELLSATION for our customers low.