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Stay Mobile

Always on the move and constantly stressed out? We have developed the SELLSATION Mobile App exactly for people like you!

Just like your business has to stay mobile at all times so does your sales team. With the SELLSATION mobile app your team can record conversations, schedule and complete tasks and look-up relevant customer information before they see the client.

Included in the SELLSATION Mobile App are the most important SELLSATION features:

  • Real-time overview of all projects and customers within all of your sales processes.
  • All customer, as well as, project information, documents and contacts at the palm of your hand.
  • Create and edit sales projects and customers including their related activities, appointments and notes.
  • Automated actions such as marketing campaigns can be directly triggered within the SELLSATION App.
  • Cockpit with key performance indicators such as hit rates, closing rates, incoming orders, forecasts and customer satisfaction.
  • Overview of all open tasks, which can be completed directly within the SELLSATION Mobile App.