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VENTREX Automotive GmbH develops and industrializes valve technology for alternative drive systems and vehicle air conditioning for well-known vehicle manufacturers such as Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes.

Committed to developing solutions that improve safety, efficiency, comfort and environmental footprint, VENTREX partners with customers around the world to help them stay at the innovation front of the automotive industry and create the next generation of to shape mobility.

The Austrian company has been enabling people to be mobile since 1949: initially as a manufacturer of pneumatic tire valves and repair kit compressors, VENTREX has developed into one of the world's leading Tier1/Tier2 suppliers in the automotive industry.

In order to secure the further development and growth course of the Graz (Austria) location, VENTREX was integrated into the global network of Aalberts N.V. in 2015. Group, a large global technology company listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. Today VENTREX works with partners in Slovenia, China and India and sells its own products all over the world to ensure a sustainable form of mobility.

The VENTREX solution portfolio includes the latest valve technology solutions for different fluids in low and high pressure applications as well as compressors for pneumatic applications.

The VENTREX portfolio includes filling, evacuation and special valves for vehicle air conditioning (VENTREX is the world market leader in this area), as well as special valves for more efficient air conditioning systems, which are primarily used in electric vehicles. VENTREX has now been able to transfer ten years of system and production experience for pressure regulators in the field of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) to even more environmentally friendly hydrogen applications, thus enabling a significant step towards decarbonization.

VENTREX's goal is to grow profitably. On the one hand, the existing solution portfolio is to be expanded, on the other hand, new business areas are to be established. Even in economically challenging times. This is to be achieved through a combination of the following factors: innovation leadership, qualified staff, competitive cost structures and a solid liquidity base.

VENTREX focuses on the best quality of products and processes. VENTREX always wants to advance development, technology and production at the highest level.

VENTREX Automotive GmbH

Globally active automotive supplier company in the field of valve technology

Headquarters: Graz (Austria)

Employees: 140

Customers: Numerous automotive companies such as BMW, VW, Audi, Mercedes, MAN, Magna, AVL etc.

  • VENTREX uses SELLSATION for company-wide sales management and marketing automation.
  • Globally active key account managers are led to more deals in SELLSATION through optimal sales and acquisition processes. To ensure high completion rates, activities critical to success are ensured in SELLSATION.
  • SELLSATION automatically creates forecasts based on volume and contribution margin. The forecasts are clearly displayed and compared with planned and sales values. Both one-time and recurring sales (recurring revenues) or partial invoices can be displayed. Recurring sales are repeated as often as you like at defined times and intervals, e.g. monthly or annually, and can be entered in just a few steps - this allows forecasts and liquidity planning to be made years in advance.
  • A SELLSATION USP: offer and order values ​​can be divided into dates, product categories, people and freely definable categories (e.g. paid, open, not charged, complaints, etc.) at the same time.
  • Dashboards, key performance indicators (closing rates, hit figures, etc.) and benchmark analyzes can be called up at the push of a button.
  • The VENTREX customer journey and the associated measures are fully mapped and ensured in SELLSATION - the SELLSATION Kanban Board shows all projects in the acquisition and sales pipelines according to status/phase.
  • Customers who are not optimally looked after and unused sales opportunities are immediately visible with a traffic light system. Among other things, the following questions can be answered at any time: Which projects with which status (phase), earnings potential and what chance of completion does an employee have in the pipeline? What are the biggest projects in the sales pipeline? What steps need to be taken to complete it?
  • Several automated workflows created in SELLSATION facilitate the work of the VENTREX sales teams in the field and in the office.
  • SELLSATION ensures perfect interaction between the key account managers in the field, the sales team in the office and the marketing team.
  • Optimal information and knowledge management, all information about customers and sales projects are displayed in SELLSATION. Simple communication, for example between field and office staff, through transferrable tasks and activities.

„VENTREX chose SELLSATION as CRM software in 2019. SELLSATION has established itself as a very important tool for our sales; we have included all the information about customers and sales projects in it. Acquisition and sales processes are optimized and standardized, an ideal customer journey and the associated measures and tasks for employees and teams are ensured. With automatically created forecasts, we can forecast our sales development over the years and react to possible deviations from the plan.

We are very satisfied with SELLSATION CRM and would choose it again!“

Patrick Pfeifer

Head of Sales VENTREX Automotive GmbH