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RENT SALES has defined its mission to help companies realize sales and earnings targets faster, more effectively and without additional fixed costs through the flexible offering of qualified direct sales and lead generation resources as a service.

The LEAD ENGINE department proactively produces customer inquiries for customers using a structured and sustainable processes and make them available to the sales teams. The range of services includes strategy consulting, CRM consulting, the conception of lead generation strategies. Further, the LEAD ENGINE department offers implementation support of services and strategies, such as the design and implementation of direct marketing campaigns, telemarketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, Google Adwords campaigns and content generation.

Rent Sales / Workforces Industrial Services GmbH

Employees: 100

Headquarter: Linz (Austria)

With RENTSALES, sales projects can be completely outsourced. Their customers can enter new markets faster and leverage sales potentials that could not be used with their existing teams. The foundation for this business model is formed by structured processes, a high degree of transparency of their sales operations and years of experience in the selection and management of over 250 sales employees, including those of the Trodat / Trotec Group.

Around 100 sales employees work at RENTSALES for a wide variety of companies with a focus on mechanical engineering, plant engineering, energy, telecommunications and medical technology. They are selected, employed and managed by RENTSALES in day-to-day business. This is attractive for industrial companies and large corporations because long decision-making processes about recruitment are shortened and seasonal peaks can be covered with qualified sales specialists. Smaller companies benefit from RENTSALES 'know-how in the selection and control of sales.

  • RENTSALES uses SELLSATION as their primary infrastructure to organize and automate all their lead generation and sales processes of their customer engagements. This ranges from the segmentation of potential customers, handling of the integrated multi-channel lead generation campaigns including telemarketing up to the sale by the sales force organization.

  • The SELLSATION pipeline navigates employees in Austria and Germany through the optimal sales and acquisition process to close more deals. Activities that are critical to success, such as bid tracking, are ensured. Customers who are being neglected and unused sales opportunities are immediately visible with a traffic light system.

  • Among other things, the following questions can be answered at any time: Which projects in which status (phase), earnings potential and which chance of completion does an employee have in their pipeline? What are the biggest projects in the sales pipeline? What steps need to be taken to close those deals?

  • Key performance indicators (completion rates, scores, etc.), benchmark analyzes and forecasts are being analysed in real time.

  • SELLSATION's automated workflows have significantly simplified processes. Employees can invest several hours a week in active sales work instead of admin work.

„SELLSATION exceeded our expectations. We are enthusiastic about how highly complex sales processes and workflows can be optimized and automated with SELLSATION easily. The employees are guided through the defined sales processes and we can easily adapt these individually to the requirements of our clients.

I have already worked with the best-known CRM providers, but with SELLSATION I experienced for the first time that a CRM system can be implemented with little effort in a very short period.

The intelligent functions of SELLSATION, such as the telemarketing dashboard, the automated prioritization of opportunities, detailed forecasts and automated customer satisfaction measurements across the entire customer relationship process, set the system apart from any other CRM provider.“

DI Oliver Kronawittleithner

Managing Director RENTSALES