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The Morgner group consists of several group entities such as Morgner Construction Management, American Safety Group and Morgner Power Group (MPG) and is headquartered in Los Angeles California, with offices throughout California and Washington State.


Morgner was founded in 1992 and has served a diverse set of clienteles both in the public and private sectors. They are a certified Women-Owned, Minority-Owned, LGBTQ Small Business firm with more than 27 years of providing professional and technical services to assist in the planning, design, and construction of multi-modal transportation and other major capital projects for public agencies, including rail transit, highways, bridges, ports, and airports. Some of their most recent projects include the City of Inglewood’s new $4.6 Billion SoFi NFL Stadium, Los Angeles World Airport’s $5 billion Automatic People Mover project as well as nearly every LA Metro rail project.

Morgner Construction Managment

Employees: 70

Headquarter: Los Angeles, USA

The CRM Journey

In 2019, Morgner made the decision to select a CRM partner and implement a tool to greatly improve their day to day operations as well as their strategic business development efforts. The team managed their operations mainly with excel and it was a real struggle to keep information and processes transparent and organized. The team defined the following requirements for the future system:


  • Decrease preparation time for weekly meetings for all team members
  • Increase meeting efficiency by working with predefined standard reports based on real time information across all Morgner group members
  • Bridge the information gap and add transparency between the biz dev team and the talent acquisition team
  • Create a candidate database containing detailed skill and resume data that are searchable
  • Track all projects and pursuits in an easy to use environment
  • Create separate workspaces for the Morgner group members with the ability to set viewing and editing permissions
  • Hands on support by the CRM vendor and industry experience to eliminate requirements and delivery gaps of the CRM solution

With this extensive list of requirements, the Morgner team vetted the CRM market and shortlisted 5 particular vendors. None of the vetted solutions seemed to fulfill all requirements but Morgner wanted to execute their plan of implementing a tool and the selection was made to go with


However, at the very last minute an industry partner recommended SELLSATION as an alternative and the Morgner team decided to take one final look before they signed the salesforce contract.

The Morgner executive team met with the SELLSATION CEO and his team and soon into the first meeting it became apparent that SELLSATION was a much better fit for the construction management industry than any of the other CRM tools. What impressed the team was the knowhow that SELLSATION already had about their industry and many of the software features seemed to be tailored to resolve their pain points. Overall the solution was just easier to use and navigate.

„I’ve been in this industry for nearly 20 years and have tried it all—and I always ended up resorting back to Excel, which, unless you’re a master programmer, can be real basic. We needed something to track our output, predict probabilities, and provide valuable insights. We are a small company and we all wear many hats, so we cannot afford to waste our time chasing things that do not make sense. Finally, we found SELLSATION!“

Vayakone Terry

Director of corporate Development and Strategy


Since the tool had to be customized for several different teams and for different use cases such as biz dev vs recruiting, service vs product sales, the implementation of 2.5 months took a bit longer than the average SELLSATION implementation, which is typically 2-3 weeks. The SELLSATION team reacted to the additional changes promptly and the overall implementation time still ended up much less compared to what the timeline was quoted at.


„We’ve customized nearly every aspect of our pursuit process. The interface is easy to manage and customize and provide the insight we need to make informed decisions“

Walter Contreras

VP of Operations


After the implementation was completed SELLSATION provided in depth training but in short digestible sessions over weeks so the team didn’t get overwhelmed. The different Morgner entities also received individualized training to reflect their specific use-cases.


Morgner experienced immediate improvements on their meeting culture and prep time and the pursuit pipeline is now fully transparent, every team member is informed and can collaborate. Finally, the biz dev team also has an overview of the candidates that are in the process of being interviewed and placed with existing contracts. Ultimately, the Morgner team will be able to successfully handle more pursuits which will result in revenue growth.


SELLSATION introduced some additional features that were not part of the requirement list but the Morgner team found them very insightful to get an even better understanding of their business. For example, the geo map feature allows the biz dev team to create.



Heatmaps of regions where the most pursuits have been submitted to and where the largest On-Call contracts are located. The talent acquisition team on the other hand are now able to search for local candidates to minimize candidate relocations.


The final step was finetuning the reports and KPI reporting. SELLSATION offered several useful standard reports out of the box but Morgner chose to develop some custom reports and dashboards. In fall 2020 Morgner will be able to work with a customized management dashboard that provides a real time overview of their business so they can make informed decision at any time.

During the CRM selection process costs were never a primary selection criteria but Morgner is happy to report that they achieved cost savings of nearly 40% within the first year compared to the quote and 30% ongoing savings year over year on license costs alone.


When Morgner made the final decision to select SELLSATION as their CRM vendor their only concern was to go with a smaller company and how the customer support would compare to a larger company such as It turned out that by going with a smaller vendor ended up being a huge advantage since SELLSATION had industry experience and their support is personal and available when needed at no extra charge. Morgner was not just looking for a vendor they were looking for a partner they can grow with and they have found this partner in SELLSATION.

„The SELLSATION team was genuine in trying to learn about our construction and engineering industry; how we obtain business from the Go/No Go, RFP to the On-Call positions with existing clients. We’re able to track our progress and pretty soon, we’ll be able to see some real data with probability and success rates.“

Isaac Segovia

Executive Vice President