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GRIFFNERHAUS is an European premium house builder specializing on high-end timber house designs.

Every prefabricated home from GRIFFNER meets the stringent standards of ecological house building. The use of innovative wall systems combined with natural raw materials ensures a healthy yet cozy indoor climate. This is why GRIFFNER homes only contain breathable building materials such wood, cork and wood fibre. These materials act like a natural air-conditioning system by absorbing moisture and releasing it again. This ensures that humidity levels also always remain pleasant in winter when the heating is on – for a better quality of life.

GRIFFNERHAUS considers the relationship with its customers as a long-term partnership that goes beyond the initial construction project. Respect, honesty, trust and enjoyment are the foundation of their customer and employee interactions.


Employees: 100

Sales-Partners: 60

Headquarter: Griffen (Austria)

  • GRIFFNERHAUS is using SELLSATION to drive all of their sales and marketing processes. The SELLSATION pipeline is navigating over 60 sales consultants internationally through a customized best practice sales process in order to increase closing ratios and ultimately revenue growth.
  • All stakeholders of their business from resale partners to end clients are being managed with SELLSATION.
  • Success critical sales and marketing activities are automated and ensure that the sales representatives don’t forget proposal follow-ups and post sales activities.
  • Customers who are not being serviced properly and stuck opportunities will be automatically identified in SELLSATION by using color coding.
  • SELLSATION offers the management team real time insights to KPIs that help them identify growth and risk potentials and accurately forecast their financials.
  • Another big objective was to automate customer surveys to ensure total custom satisfaction across all sales activities and interactions with their service team.
  • The marketing team is now getting real time insights on ROIs of marketing activities and channels and can prioritize spendings that have a greater effect on growth.
  • The implementation of SELLSATION post definition of the sales processes and workflows was completed within a few days. The training of the staff took less than a day and since roll out a team of 45 people consisting of outside sales, inside sales and management utilize SELLSATION with great success on a daily basis.

„With SELLSATION we finally have a real-time overview and full transparency of all of our sales processes and activities across all teams and locations. The status of all of our leads are being monitored consistently and automated customer surveys starting from the proposal phase ensure that all of our potential and existing customers are receiving the service and attention they deserve. SELLSATION exceeded our expectation and all objectives have been met.“

Mag. Georg C. Niedersüß

CEO Griffnerhaus GmbH