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The Sales Automation CRM

Increase sales and customer engagement in just a few weeks!

Sales Process for the Win!

In just a few days you can develop state of the art sales processes and increase your full sales potential.

It all starts with a process. No matter what type of business you have, your sales and marketing team follows a certain sequence of actions in order to close a customer and fulfill an order. SELLSATION enables you to standardize these processes throughout your organization. Standardization translates into growth!


The standardization of your processes will have a major impact on the productivity of your team and help promote best practices throughout your organization. As a result, our clients experience an immediate increase in new business.


Our customers gain valuable insights on individual and team performances as well as overall revenue and growth of the organization. Revenue however is a lagging indicator. SELLSATION will help you identify the leading indicators that will help you manage your team and organization by conversation ratios, hit rates, customer segmentations and benchmarking.

Learn & Apply

Teams and business models constantly change. Our clients need a flexible and customizable system to adjust to change and apply learnings on the fly. SELLSATION is designed to enable simple and quick administration for users of all knowledge levels.

Detailed Customer and Opportunity View

Within the detailed customer and opportunity view, you can see all related activities (e-mails, appointments, tasks, calls, customer feedback for surveys, etc.) in a timeline that can easily be filtered for your specific needs.

The Performance Cockpit

Very useful: The performance cockpit shows the most important figures related to your performance so that the sales team always knows if they are on course to meet target.


Manage your business based on leading indicators

More customer contacts, more deals, more customer satisfaction, more turnover – everything is measurable and transparent.

Most businesses focus on revenue and number of deals closed by period. These are lagging indicators which are indicating results of past actions. Having a look at leading indicators such as conversion ratios by stage or relationship, benchmarking of team members, deal velocities will enable you to predict an accurate forecast or help you understand if a newly hired sales rep is likely to hit his quota. Leading indicator management is the best way to save money and generate predictable growth.


Many sales managers and CFOs would agree that accurate forecasting is one of hardest things to do. SELLSATION enables you to generate forecasts based on different probability calculations such as by actual conversion ratios by stage and seller, pre-set conversion ratios by sales stage or by generating a configurable qualitative assessment for each deal.

CFOs also have the problem that sales forecasting is not always the same as cash flow forecasting. Rest assured that with SELLSATION, we’ve got you covered.

Closing Rates

Calculating closing rates by seller, stage, customer segments and product lines is essential for forecasting, product development and team training purposes. Set these parameters in SELLSATION and have these KPIs ready for your strategy sessions.

Customer Satisfaction

SELLSATION takes a holistic view of your business. Most CRMs focus on new business only, but it is 10 times more expensive to win a new customer than keep an existing one. Customer retention is the secret to success. SELLSATION developed a module to measure customer satisfaction through surveys that can be triggered by one-off actions or dynamically as part of your sales process.

Hit Rates

Calculating and reporting on the number of activities, actions or records created and accomplished by users enables a manager to properly manage the team based on leading indicators. Now benchmarking these results against your top sales rep will provide insights on where new or existing reps fall short and where they need to spend more or even less time on. When ramping up new sales talent, this is the only measurable way to predict future success.


Businesses seem to struggle to align their sales and marketing teams. Often it is an organizational issue. Sales and marketing should be aligned as one team with one mutual vision in mind.

Without enabling sales and marketing teams to translate their strategies into one system, companies are alienating their efforts. SELLSATION offers one interface for both teams and enables the automatization of the entire sales process with collaborative tasks, actions and activities. No matter if our clients want to send one-off email blasts or embed automated emails as part of the sales process, SELLSATION enables easy configuration directly through the user interface.


Stay Mobile

Just like your business has to stay mobile at all times so does your sales team. With the SELLSATION mobile app your team can record conversations, schedule and complete tasks and look-up relevant customer information before they see the client. You have all the relevant information at your fingertips at all times.

Included in the SELLSATION Mobile App are the most important SELLSATION features:

  • Real-time overview of all projects and customers within all of your sales processes.
  • All customer, as well as, project information, documents and contacts at the palm of your hand.
  • Create and edit sales projects and customers including their related activities, appointments and notes.
  • Automated actions such as marketing campaigns can be directly triggered within the SELLSATION App.
  • Cockpit with key performance indicators such as hit rates, closing rates, incoming orders, forecasts and customer satisfaction.
  • Overview of all open tasks, which can be completed directly within the SELLSATION Mobile App.

Customer Retention

SELLSATION takes a holistic view of your business. Most CRMs focus on new business only but it is 10 times more expensive to win a new customer than keep an existing one.

Customer retention is the secret to success. SELLSATION developed a module to measure customer satisfaction through surveys that can be triggered by one-off actions or dynamically as part of your sales process.

Customer Feedback Survey
in offer stage
Customer Satisfaction Survey
after project is won

You can create customer satisfaction surveys fast and easy.

Freely define the questionnaire and the start time or the stage within your sales process when it should be triggered.

The survey can be automated by e-mail or performed through a structured telephone campaign.

You can create as many surveys as needed in your process regardless of stage, products, categories and more.

Even the analysis of each survey is fully automated.

Our analytics with provide you with results and benchmarks on customer, company or team level.

Surveys per E-mail, Telephone or In-person.

The e-mail surveys can be performed with your corporate design (Image: Example of a survey for GRIFFNERHAUS, which manages all of its sales and marketing processes with SELLSATION).


Ideas can shape the world, let ideas shape your business

With SELLSATION your employees have a overview of all relevant information and can fully interact with each other.

At SELLSATION our number one corporate value is “People first”. Even as a technology company we understand that people build, sell and purchase our products and we need to invest in all people we work with. Interestingly enough despite all the investments companies make in their staff, companies fall short on accepting investment back from their team in form of ideas and insights. For that reason, we created a specific knowledge center and embedded it into SELLSATION which lets users share ideas with selected individuals or the entire organization and collaborate on ideas or findings.

Communication Portal

Current information, best practice examples and suggestions for improvements can be posted, evaluated and commented on. As a result, continual improvement processes are constantly initiated!


Time is Money

SELLSATION makes data entry easy.

Ask salespeople what their number one reason is why they don’t sell more, and you will learn that they don’t have enough time to sell. Salespeople spend more time on administration than speaking to their clients. The goal to increase efficiency should be one of the top reasons why your organization needs SELLSATION. We make data entry easy and ask salespeople for input when its needed as part of automated questions along the sales process. Salespeople can synchronize their calendars and emails with SELLSATION and the systems keeps them on track with their tasks and to-dos.

Further, SELLSATION provides the management with all the insights they need from daily activity tracking to their leading indicators and sales reports so that they don’t have to ask the sales reps for their numbers every day.

Activity Log

Daily and weekly reports are created automatically for each team member. SELLSATION automatically logs all activities that were created for each customer and opportunity.


What does my best sales rep do differently than the rest of my team?

Benchmarking and best practice examples make potential areas of success visible to everyone.

We heard that question a lot from our clients so we answered it by providing them with key indicators such as hit-rate, closing rate, volume, profit margin or customer satisfaction of their best rep and how these KPIs compare to the rest of the team. Benchmarks and rankings are created automatically and are transparent to everyone which users can utilize to manage themselves on a daily basis.

SELLSATION even goes one step further: Within the SELLSATION knowledge portal, users can share their best practices and know-how.


With the help of automated benchmarks and rankings you can immediately see the strengths and weaknesses of your team and who has not performed to their full potential.

Here you can see the comparisons pertaining to hit rates, which clearly show how many opportunities have been generated.

You decide if the rankings are visible for everyone or just the management team.


SELLSATION’s number one corporate value is "People first"

Purchasing and implementing a CRM system can be a nerve racking process not just for the organization but specially for the decision maker.

SELLSATION’s number one corporate value is “People first” and this does not just apply to our own employees but also the customers we work with. We understand the magnitude of the purchasing decision and we believe in partnerships not client relationships. We understand that the best way to grow our business is through happy clients.

When you engage with our company you will be working with senior professionals who held previous roles such as varies C-level positions and Head of Sales and Marketing. We can see the decision-making process through your eyes and will help make your buying journey as relevant and easy as possible.

To back up this claim, SELLSATION can show a 97% client retention rate since inception which far exceeds the industry average.

Our intention is to provide you with the best possible setup but ultimately it is our goal to help you administrate SELLSATION autonomously. After all, we are a technology company and our model is to make money from software sales and not through ongoing consulting work. This will keep the lifetime costs of SELLSATION for our customers low.