Test SELLSATION 30 days for free and without any obligations. The offer is valid for up to 5 users.

In less than an hour you can implement SELLSATION in your company and immediately increase your sales potential.

SELLSATION is preconfigured and lets you adapt the system to your specific needs with a few simple steps. You will be guided through the entire process of setting up the system, which takes no longer than 15-60 minutes depending on how detailed your initial settings will be. The administration tool allows you to skip any step during the initial setup, and come back to make changes to each of these at any time.

SELLSATION can be used immediately by everyone – the usability is extremely simple and you do not have to change anything within your software infrastructure.

SELLSATION 30–day trial
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60 € 75 $ 53 £

The SELLSATION Starter license is the perfect solution for start-ups and small businesses. Create the perfect sales process for your company and improve your key performance indicators within a few weeks.

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70 € 85 $ 62 £

With the SELLSATION Professional license, companies of all sizes can easily develop and implement their sales processes at watch how their closing rates increase within a few weeks. You can easily create workflows, campaigns and automate tasks. The system enables you to take your customer contacts, as well as internal workflows, and implement these in your process in order to let your team focus on the most important tasks.

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The SELLSATION Salesleader license allows you to continuously grow by applying unique and innovative sales methods. Through the automated customer feedback analysis, you can assure that your customers are perfectly managed and lets you immediately react to any problems that may arise. As a result, your closing rates will increase. The SELLSATION opportunity management features show your sales team the main indicators that are critical to their success for each deal. Through data analysis, the SELLSATION sales assistant supports the team by recognizing key factors related to the growth of the business.

You will profit from all available SELLSATION features: An optimized sales process is the basis for increasing your sales potentials. This, combined with automated workflows, campaigns and tasks, ensures that your customer contacts are properly dealt with.

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* per User and Month; billed anually


Unlimited number of sales pipelines
Unlimited number of opportunities


Optimized Sales Processes Bild mit Plus
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  • Design the perfect sales process for your company and boost your sales
  • Within the pipeline your sales reps will be guided through the optimized process resulting in more deals
  • A simple "Traffic light" system lets you identify critical opportunities and customers that have not been dealt with properly
  • Define and pinpoint activities that are critical for closing more business
Key Indicators and Benchmark Analysis Bild mit Plus
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  • Key indicators such as closing rate, hit-rate, volume, profit margin or duration of opportunities can all be seen in real time
  • Detailed pipeline analytics show drop-off rates and activities that are critical to your success
  • Benchmark analytics combined with rankings based on key indicators clearly show the strengths and weaknesses of your team.
  • Precise analysis of your marketing campaigns
Automated Forecasting Bild mit Plus
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  • Detailed forecasting at company, team and sales rep levels
  • Early recognition of changes in turnover or margins
Real-time Overview of all Customers, Opportunities and Activities Bild mit Plus
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  • Create automated daily and weekly team reports
  • Automated customer history
CRM Standard Functionality Bild mit Plus
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  • Target oriented campaigns according to stage, target groups, customer segments or any other criteria
    • Simple creation of professional campaigns
    • Simple creation of professional campaigns
    • E-Mails, Mail-merge, Labelling
    • Newsletter functionalities
  • Tasks
    • Activities linked to opportunities based on customer segments or other criteria
  • Calendar
    • Outlook- und Google calendar synchronization
  • E-Mail integration per Outlook Plug-in
Geomarketing Module for Strategic Regional Analysis Bild mit Plus
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  • Analysis of market coverage and idle areas within or outside of your sales regions
SELLSATION Communication Portal for Faster Knowledge Transfer Bild mit Plus
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  • The SELLSATION Newsfeed lets you share current and important information
  • The Best Practice Module initiates improvement processes: Best practice methods and suggestions for improvements can easily be shared, rated and commented on
Extensive Customization Options Bild mit Plus
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  • Sales pipeline and processes can be individually created designed
  • Simply create your own customer views or choose from several pre-defined customer fields
  • Configurable benchmark and success analytics
  • Integrate your personal corporate design
Minimal Implementation Effort Bild mit Plus
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  • Implement SELLSATION in less than an hour
  • SELLSATION can be used as a stand-alone solution or integrated in your existing infrastructure
  • The extremely simple usability automatically increases the acceptance within your team
Automated Sales Processes and Workflows Bild mit Plus
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  • Automation and simplification of processes and workflows
  • Automated approval process for opportunities by departments or management
  • Automatic allocation of opportunities to sales reps dependent on criteria such as postal code or customer segments.
Automated Multi-Level Campaigns Bild mit Plus
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  • Creation and automation of multi-level campaigns according to stage, product group, customer segments or any other criteria pertaining to opportunities or customers.
  • Choose from different campaign types (E-mail, MailChimp, Mail Merge, Labeling, CVS-Export)
  • Extensive newsletter functionality
  • Automatic dispatch of information to specific target groups and/or requests
  • MailChimp and Word integration
Automated Tasks Bild mit Plus
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  • Specify and create automated tasks that are critical to closing more deals
  • Automated tasks at any part of the sales process, which can be limited to specifically defined customers or opportunities.
Automatic Execution and Analysis of Customer Feedback Surveys Bild mit Plus
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  • Guaranteed increase in closing rates and recommendations as well as ideal customer management through automated and regular customer surveys.
  • Customer feedback surveys can be implemented within any stage of the sales process – in the offer stage or after winning or loosing opportunities.
  • Very simple creation and adaption of customer surveys
  • The execution of the survey can be done per e-mail or verbally (telephone). The results are created automatically.
Probability Management Module for Probability Predictions and Exact Forecast Calculations Bild mit Plus
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  • The SELLSATION Probability Managemen Module shows your sales reps those factors that are critical to closing deals. As a result, they will receive the most important directives they need in order to give them the highest chance of winning opportunities.
  • The SELLSATION Probability Management Module guides sales reps toward closing more deals and points out those customers and opportunities with the highest potentials of winning.
  • This method gives you a unique forecasting accuracy.
  • The factors critical for closing deals can be simply defined and adapted.


You need consulting for defining and implementing your sales pipeline or automating your processes? We would be more than glad to advise your on how to implement SELLSATION in your company in the shortest possible time!

We look forward to getting to know you!

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