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Partnership, vision and diversity made DELTA the successful international group of companies with several locations in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine that it is today. Despite its more than 40 years of existence, DELTA’s focus is always on the future.

DELTA is a partner for the successful realization of construction projects, while taking into consideration all relevant aspects such as functionality, economy, environmental compatibility and social sustainability. Tailored to the customer segment, DELTA offers added value for business customers in Central and Eastern Europe. DELTA combines all the services required for perfect project implementation in building construction.


Founded in 1977 in Austria

Approx. 350 employees

> 10 subsidiaries in Europe

architecture, general planning, BIM, construction management, IT and Digital Data Environment

The team of DELTA discusses their business development and project progress in regular weekly meetings. Due to their international organization and comprehensive service portfolio it was quite a challenge to compile all the right information and structure these meetings in an effective way.

DELTA recognized that in order to have full transparency of their sales & business development efforts and to accurately forecast their projects, they needed to find a central system for all group members to work with.

This was not an easy undertaking because the system had to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Centralize all data in a CRM System, all informations have to be available in real time for all teammembers of all subsidiaries in different countries

  • Categorize projects by service portfolio, group entity and track all internal and external stakeholders involved with such projects.

  • Integrate their internal methodology of probability assessments.

  • Generate accurate forecasts based on actual cash flow instalments over multi-year periods for each group member and product category in real time.

In the very first meeting, the SELLSATION team was able to actually demonstrate all key requirements. The system seemed like it was designed from the ground up after the DELTA business model and the DELTA team decided to proceed with SELLSATION.


The implementation was quick and smooth. Both companies assigned a single point of contact to lead the project on their end to ensure decisions were being made in time and deadlines were met.

After an initial kick-off workshop, the total implementation including customization and configuration took less than 8 weeks from start to finish.

The training element was a bit of a concern for the DELTA team for several reasons. For one, not all the team members were located in the same office and the team was spread out all over Europe. Another concern was that not all team members had prior experience working with a CRM product and a longer learning curve was anticipated.

Therefore, the decision was made that instead of organizing one big training seminar for the whole team which would have generated additional costs, the SELLSATION team trained a small group of lead users who then trained the other group entities.

This strategy has worked very well and the entire team is now using SELLSATION as their business development system and to drive their sales processes. The SELLSATION pipeline is navigating all sales consultants internationally through a customized best practice sales process in order to increase closing ratios and ultimately revenue growth.


The team was able to fine tune their forecasting even further, since SELLSATION offers real time forecasts to help identify growth potentials. The DELTA business development meetings, which aim it is to coordinate all international DELTA business units, account managers and subsidiaries, are now based on SELLSATION forecasts and sales pipeline analysis.

An unanticipated benefit for the DELTA team is the fact that they are able to completely administer the system without any outside help. No more cost on customization or training have been generated since roll out. The admin portal allows DELTA to make adjustments to their setup on the fly.

DELTA is now fully in control of their data and can develop accurate and effective strategies to grow the already successful company even further.